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MECC: Simple Signposting to Better Health and Wellbeing

Making Every Contact Count, or MECC, is an effective and evidence-based approach to improving people’s health and wellbeing by helping them change their behaviour. MECC encourages you to use your day-to-day interactions with the public, to engage in conversations about improving their health, addressing risk factors such as alcohol, diet, physical activity, smoking and mental wellbeing.

The MECC Link London resource is intended for use by health and social care professionals, GPs, nurses, police, social prescribers, and anyone offering frontline help and support in communities across London. By choosing location view you can see your local services by borough.

On this page, practice staff can find links to up-to-date local information on self-referral services include counselling and mental health, antenatal and sexual health services to pass on to residents/patients.

To see a targeted list of services, you can enter keywords (such as mental health) into the filter box below.

Reception telephone triage support can be found in Downloads.

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Review date: Tuesday, 27 May 2025