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Emergency ophthalmology

Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has reminded GPs in north central London that emergency ophthalmology services are available from all local units across the eight London STPs. The trust has provided a map and a spreadsheet of available services and contact details for all London Eye Casualty Services. Please use the A&E referral process put in place by Moorfields in response to COVID-19.

Cataract surgery 

Patients who are referred to the Royal Free Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital or Whittington Hospital sites for simple cataract surgery will all undergo their procedure at the Edgware Eye Surgery Hub (located in Edgware Community Hospital) but will continue to attend their local or preferred hospital for tests and outpatient appointments before and after having surgery.

Existing ophthalmology surgery services at North Middlesex University Hospital, Moorfields Eye Hospital sites in NCL (City Road campus, St Ann’s Hospital and Potters Bar) and relevant independent sector providers remain unchanged. Patients continue to be able to choose to be referred to any provider that has an NHS contract to provide the service they need.

See the Routine Ophthalmology: RFL service page for details of how to refer.

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Minor Eye Conditions (MEC) Community Scheme

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Paediatric Eye Absent/Uncertain Red Reflex

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Paediatric Eye Allergic Eye Disease

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Pathway PDF, 209.13 KB

Paediatric Eye Blepharitis

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Paediatric Eye Blocked Tear Duct

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Pathway PDF, 208.97 KB

Paediatric Eye Chalazion

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Pathway PDF, 174.34 KB

Paediatric Eye Chemical Injury

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Pathway PDF, 175.14 KB

Paediatric Eye Frequent Blinking

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Pathway PDF, 191.32 KB

Paediatric Eye Infective Conjunctivitis

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Pathway PDF, 174.44 KB

Paediatric Eye Nystagmus

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Pathway PDF, 226.96 KB

Paediatric Eye Pigmented/Non-Pigmented Lesions on the Eye

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Pathway PDF, 181.64 KB

Paediatric Eye Preseptal and Orbital Cellulitis

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Pathway PDF, 180.97 KB

Paediatric Eye Ptosis

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Pathway PDF, 180.43 KB

Paediatric Eye Strabismus

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Pathway PDF, 170.93 KB

Paediatric Eye Suspected Glaucoma

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Pathway PDF, 168.73 KB

Paediatric Eye Suspected Uveitis

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Pathway PDF, 177.6 KB

Paediatric Eye Suspicious Optic Discs

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Pathway PDF, 182.92 KB

Paediatric Eye Trauma

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Pathway PDF, 173.62 KB

Paediatric Eye Unequal Pupils

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Paediatric Eyelid Haemangioma

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