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In January 2019, NHS England published the Long Term Plan. The plan focuses on how the NHS will move to a new service model in which patients receive better support and joined-up care, at the right time and in the optimal care setting.

Cancer priorities in the NHS Long Term Plan are patient access to personalised care and support, stratified follow-up, and the introduction of a quality of life metric to track and respond to the long-term impact of cancer.

Personalised cancer care provides individuals with cancer with access to care and support that is tailored to meet their needs so that they can live as full, healthy and active a life as possible. The personalised care helps to manage any physical and psychosocial effects of cancer and its treatment, provide access to financial, emotional, practical and social support, and supports maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and self-management their condition. Rehabilitation has a key role in personalised cancer care throughout the pathway.

Primary care cancer resource pack for 2024-25

The primary care cancer resource pack provides an overview of cancer objectives for 2024-25. It sets out these work areas, including a summary of support available, top tips, and signposting to relevant information. 

Two-week wait (2WW) referrals

Patient leaflets with information about 2WW referrals can be found in the cancer patient resources section (see left). Further information about the 2WW pathway can be found on the service page.

Submit a quality alert

The NCL ICB Quality Alert System (QAS) is a web-based system designed to enable GP practices, clinical and non-clinical staff to raise any quality concerns arising from commissioned services directly with the provider.

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