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General Practice Staff Survey

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The General Practice Staff Survey (GPSS) aims to give a voice to staff working in general practice organisations because their voice counts. The survey will help develop an understanding of their experience of working in general practice, which will in turn support improvements to working experience and resultantly, recruitment and retention of staff.

The NHS has conducted an annual staff survey for more than twenty years across many NHS organisations including ICBs and acute providers. However, this will be the first year for NCL ICB to participate in the voluntary national rollout of the survey to include general practice.

The GPSS is run independently by Picker (the only approved NHSE contractor to provide NHS Staff Survey services) to the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Responses are kept confidential and anonymous and are only analysed and aggregated by Picker, thereby ensuring no individual is identifiable.

Practices, PCNs and Federations will be asked to compile a Survey Staff List template and return this to the ICB by the end of August.

The ICB will then submit a completed NCL ICB General Practice Staff List to Picker at the beginning of September, enabling the survey to go live in October – running for eight weeks. The survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

Results are expected to be available to practices, PCNs and Federations in spring 2025.
As per NHS confidentiality standards, results can only be provided to organisations with more than 10 responses - Reports will not be provided where anonymity could be compromised. Picker will identify the minimum number of responses before suppression is applied to ensure anonymity is protected. This threshold serves two purposes:

  1. Disclosure control – to ensure respondent confidentiality is maintained.
  2. Statistical robustness – results based on low numbers cannot be interpreted as representative.

The GPSS practice level results will not be publicly available. Practice, PCN and Federation results will not be shared with the ICB – the ICB will only receive aggregated ICB footprint data.

Once the Staff List template is released by NHSE, NCL ICB will write out to you again to seek your support in collating these lists for your practice / PCN / Federation – this is expected to take place during July.

Review date: Sunday, 01 December 2024