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CNWL Sexual Health Service offers free and confidential sexual health advice, testing, treatment and contraception services.

Please note: CNWL is not commissioned to provide Mirena intrauterine devices for non-contraceptive reasons (such as HRT).

A limited urgent service is available during clinic opening hours for individuals requesting emergency contraception or post-exposure prophylaxis, and for all under 18 year olds.

Asymptomatic individuals requiring sexual health check ups should be signposted to the Sexual Health London (SHL) website for free postal self-test kits.

Young People's Services

CNWL Haringey online booking clinics offer the above services to all under-25s, long-acting reversible contraception (LARC) methods to all women residents, drop-in clinics for under-19s.

CNWL Camden and Islington Young People's Services sexual health screening, contraception, pregnancy testing and wellbeing support to under-25s.

People with learning disabilities

The Bridge service helps over-16s with learning disabilities access sexual health services (see Related Services).

Sexual Health Psychology Service

The CNWL psychology service specialises in supporting people with concerns about their sexual health. The team can help patients to understand the reasons for why they are feeling the way they do and to find a way forward by helping to build their confidence or develop practical strategies to make changes. Read the patient information leaflet in the Downloads section to find out more.

Complex Sexual and Reproductive Health Referral Clinics

The complex sexual and reproductive health referral clinics are commissioned to see women with:

  • complex contraception problems (e.g. complex coexistent medical conditions)
  • difficult IUD and IUS fittings for contraception
  • suspected malposition of an IUD or IUS being used for contraception, including non-visible IUD/IUS threads for assessment or removal
  • deep, broken or bent sub-dermal contraceptive implants for removal or assessment
  • complications of methods of contraception.

A pelvic ultrasound can also be performed in these clinics, there is no need to separately arrange this.

Complex Genito-Urinary Medicine Referral Clinics

The complex genito-urinary medicine referral clinics are commissioned to see the following:

  • recurrent/persistent urethritis
  • recurrent vaginal infections (e.g. BV/Candida)
  • recalcitrant HPV
  • recurrent HSV
  • complicated genital infections (e.g. tropical ulcer)
  • pregnant women with STIs (e.g. Syphilis, HSV).

GPs can refer directly to these clinics by email (see How to refer).

Outreach in London

In Camden and Islington, the CNWL Sexual Health Service also has an outreach team with clinics for vulnerable groups. 

Central London Action on Sexual Health (CLASH) offer clinics at Mortimer Market Centre on Monday (all genders) and Friday (female-identifying only). Walk-ins operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Sexual Health on Call (SHOC) offer clinics at Archway Centre on Thursdays (all genders). Walk-ins operate on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Contact the CLASH/SHOC office on 020 3317 2555

How to access PrEP

Patients can self-book an appointment to start or continue PrEP. 

If patients are having difficulties booking a PrEP appointment, they can email with their name and a phone number, and a member of staff will get back to them:

Eligibility Criteria


Patients can self-refer to CNWL Sexual Health for any of the following:

  • need short-term, long-term, repeat and emergency contraception
  • have sexual health symptoms or concerns
  • would like to start or continue PrEP
  • have been sexually exposed to HIV
  • require STI (including HIV) testing and treatment.

How to Refer

CNWL Sexual Health Service

GPs can refer directly by email or telephone if urgent.


Self-referral for a range of appointments can be made online through the CNWL website. Contraception (coil fitting or implant) and PrEP can be accessed by booking an appointment online. Patients can visit our website to book.

Patients can request contraception (such as the pill, patch or vaginal ring) online via the Sexual Health London (SHL) website.

Alternatively, anyone with sexual health symptoms, concerns, or wanting to discuss contraception options, can phone the service.


Archway Centre Sexual Health Clinic

Mortimer Market Centre (including Margaret Pyke Centre) Sexual Health Clinic

Edgware Community Hospital Sexual Health Clinic

Vale Drive Primary Care Centre Sexual Health Clinic

Lordship Lane Health Centre (Haringey Young Peoples Services and LARC for all women)

Morum House Medical Centre (Haringey Young Peoples Services and LARC for all women)

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