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Weight Management for Children: Healthy Living Practitioner Service

Upcoming Review — this page is due to be reviewed by Friday, 26 July 2024. The information shown here may be outdated.

The Healthy Living Practitioner Service is a targeted weight management initiative run by the School Nursing Team at Whittington Health NHS Trust.

Islington school children aged four to 17 who have been identified as above a healthy weight are given the opportunity to attend an intervention on a one-to-one basis for a set number of weeks with a registered nutritionist. 

Families can be seen in school or at the Highbury Grange Health Centre. Advice will be provided to help families make informed choices concerning their health and wellbeing. 

At each appointment SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound) will be set around the following topics:

  • healthier eating
  • increasing physical activity
  • managing weight
  • improving general health and wellbeing.

Eligibility Criteria


Children aged four (must be in reception class) to 17

  • who live/attend school/are registered with a GP in the London borough of Islington


  • are overweight (on or above the 91st BMI percentile)
  • or have significant concerns about weight gain or diet/exercise.


  • children and young people who are overweight or obese and have significant co-morbidities or complex needs (such as learning or educational difficulties) should be referred to Healthy Living Practitioner Service/MDT for triage.
  • 17-18 year olds who don't attend sixth form at school should be referred to the Healthy Living Practitioner Service/MDT for triage.


How to Refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: Email

A referral form can be found in ISL EMIS under:

  • ISL global documents > Paediatric > Healthy Living - Child Tier 2 Referral Form - Whittington

e: whh-tr.sn-islhealthliving@nhs.net

The family will be contacted directly so contact details (including telephone number) are essential.


Patients can self-refer by calling or emailing.


Highbury Grange Health Centre

Children can also be seen at school

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Review date: Friday, 26 July 2024