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Those subject to multi-morbidities, social isolation and inequalities are more likely to be at risk of nutritional deficit and poor weight management (such as being underweight, obese or malnourished).

There are multiple resources for weight management and nutrition across NCL. Individual boroughs often have specific referral options; see below for further details. Please consider referrals to social prescribing link workers, and members of the wider workforce, with regard to a holistic assessment of weight management, diet and nutrition.

Disordered eating in children and young people

Healthy London Partnership released comprehensive guidance in September 2022 to support health and care professionals to better meet the needs of young people with disordered eating who do not have a diagnosable eating disorder, such as anorexia or avoidant restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), but who might have other mental health difficulties and psychosocial challenges.

Please see Resources for a link to a blog post by Dr Louise Miller discussing how GPs can best support young people presenting with disordered or restricted eating. The article contains useful links to guidance and patterns of behaviour.

NCL Diabetes and Weight Management Network

This network meets on the third Thursday of each month to discuss projects, services and wider aspects of diabetes and weight management care for NCL residents. It has core representation from primary and secondary care, community teams (such as diabetes specialist nurses and dietetics), diabetes education teams, foot services and public health. The chairing of the network is shared between primary and secondary care. The network has a clinical advisory role and feeds into the NCL Long Term Condition Steering Group. 

All clinicians working on diabetes are welcome to join the network meetings. If you have any queries or would like to attend please contact Dr Karl Roberts, GP and network co-chair (see Clinical Leads, left).

Mr Motivator Club GP referral programme

The Mr Motivator Club offers live Zoom classes with standing and sitting options three times a week, as well as access to a library of pre-recorded classes. Healthcare professionals can refer patients with a chronic condition who are not meeting the World Health Organisation (WHO) physical activity recommendations. 

University College London (UCL), who is performing a study about the experience, is providing full funding for 200 patients for three months to help encourage uptake. See Downloads for more information about the study and a patient poster, and Vimeo for a video explaining how and why healthcare professionals should refer patients to the club.

Email darryl.jashek.21@ucl.ac.uk for more information.

Covid-19 update (May 2020)

The NCL Joint Formulary Committee (JFC) has published guidance on managing patients who are receiving maintenance vitamin B12 injections during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The guidance provides specific advice for the following three patient groups:

  • vitamin B12 deficiency not thought to be diet-related in patients without absorption issues
  • vitamin B12 deficiency not thought to be diet-related in patients with absorption issues
  • vitamin B12 deficiency thought to be diet related.

Area specific guidance for Camden

Camden council offers community classes for older people, wellbeing walks and outdoor gyms for patients to access for free.

Area specific guidance for Barnet

See Downloads for a list of Barnet children and young people healthy weight management support services.

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Clinical Leads

Co-Chair of the NCL Diabetes and Weight Management Clinic Network

Dr Karl Roberts

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Mr Motivator Club study information for healthcare professionals

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Mr Motivator Club patient poster

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Ways to move more in Camden

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Barnet children and young people healthy weight management support services 2022-23

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Letter regarding changes to gluten-free prescribing and items that can be ordered (Islington CCG, 2018)

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Calcium and vitamin D for adults patient leaflet (WH)

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Indigestion and acid reflux: How your diet can help patient leaflet (WH)

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Iron deficiency anaemia patient leaflet (WH)

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Poor appetite and weight loss patient leaflet (WH)

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