Nutrition & Dietetic Service

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The Enfield Nutrition and Dietetics Service offers a range of services aimed at improving the health of patients and public in the local community. Care, assessment, and equipment are available for clinically related nutritional problems (such as swallowing problems or dysphagia), as well as telephone support and contributions to health promotion initiatives on obesity and diabetes.

The service offers:

  • practical dietary advice
  • community dietetic clinics
  • training on obesity, diabetes and healthy eating for health, social care, education, and voluntary sector staff 
  • public education sessions targeted at specific sectors of the community, in line with ECS and national guidance
  • specialist nutritional advice, dietetic support and equipment for dysphagic patients and those requiring enteral feeding in non-acute settings
  • specialist nutritional assessment and dietetic support for oncology/palliative care and learning difficulty patients
  • specialist diabetes dietetic advice.

For cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA) management, see the CMPA Rapid Access Clinic.

Eligibility Criteria


  • registered with a GP in and resident of Enfield.

How to Refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: Email

Referrals are via the Enfield Community Services (ECS) single point of access form. The completed form should be sent to the following centralised ECS address e:

Once the referral has been received, it will be screened by non-clinical administrators with no changes to clinical response times.

Where to find the form

ENF Global Library > Community Therapies > Adult Services Single Point of Access Referral form - Enfield Community Services


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