Free 65+ Gym Membership

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Haringey residents aged 65+ are entitled to a free gym membership at the locations listed below.

Free access applies Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Activities on offer range from gym, swim, racquet sports, group exercise classes and more.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Haringey residents aged 65+
  • Residents who qualify should apply at one of the centres listed above and show their:

    • ID (birth certificate, passport, driving licence) 
    • proof of Haringey residency (council tax, utility bill, freedom pass)

How to Refer

Concessionary memberships - Haringey

Healthcare professionals can refer patients by either directing them to this website or one of the sites listed below.


New River Sport and Fitness

Tottenham Green Pools and Fitness

Park Road Pools and Fitness

Broadwater Farm Community Centre

Service Feedback

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