Coeliac Disease Nurse-Led Support: RFL

NCL Wide

Nurse and dietitian-run clinic at the Royal Free London, suitable for patients with confirmed coeliac disease (either positive antibody or duodenal biopsy).


  • information and guidance on gluten-free diets and lifestyle
  • monitoring to ensure initial response
  • annual monitoring as per BSG guidelines
  • expert dietetic and nursing support

NB: for patients with coeliac disease, as an acute trust the clinic does not offer weight management services. For coeliac patients with well-controlled disease, who are strict on their gluten-free diet, please see the how to refer section below to refer to the appropriate NCL weight management service, taking note of the service referral criteria.

View the NICE guidelines in the resources section below.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Must have confirmed diagnosis of coeliac disease (positive antibody test or Duodenal biopsy)

How to Refer


Referral methods: e-Referrals

How to find service on e-RS

  • Specialty: GI and Liver (Medicine and Surgery)
  • Clinic type: Lower GI or Upper GI
  • Service name: Gastroenterology Clinician Assessment Service - Royal Free Hospital - RAL

Review date: Tuesday, 22 April 2025