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RAG clinical prioritisation for GP direct-access imaging referrals

The NCL imaging departments have agreed on a set of standardised imaging prioritisation categories that are to be applied to all future referrals. These must be applied whether that GP is making a referral to the independent sector or NHS service providers. 

GPs can refer direct to hospitals for urgent diagnostics and are encouraged to consider this instead of 2WW

GP direct-access imaging services: Suspected cancer referrals move to single NCL referral form

GPs can request the following direct-access investigations for suspected cancer at any provider trust using a single referral form.


  • University College London Hospitals
  • Royal Free London
  • North Middlesex University Hospital
  • Whittington Health

Imaging modalities

  • Abdominal USS (Suspected Gall bladder or Liver Cancer) 
  • MRI/(CT if MR contraindicated e.g. pacemaker) (Suspected Brain and CNS Cancer)
  • CT abdomen (Suspected Pancreatic Cancer)
  • CXR (Suspected Lung Cancer)
  • Pelvic USS (Suspected Endometrial Cancer) (Royal Free, North Middlesex, Whittington Hospital only. For Gynae USS at UCLH please use the 2WW pathway)
  • Testicular USS (Suspected Testicular Cancer)

How to refer

To use these services you must use the EMIS form Urgent Direct Access Imaging Request Form (adult and paed) - Suspected Cancer - NCL FORM

Where to find the form

In local EMIS global document library systems as follows:

Barnet: BAR Global Documents > Diagnostics (BAR Global) 
Enfield: ENF Global Documents > Radiology (X-Rays/Ultrasound)  
Haringey: HAR Global Documents > Imaging 
Islington: ISL Global Documents > Imaging  

Camden: Find the form on the Camden EMIS Forms page.


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