The Eve Appeal: Vulval Cancer Education Module

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The Eve Appeal: Vulval Cancer Education Module

Cancer of the vulva (vulval/vulvar) is a rare cancer that makes up one of the group of gynaecological cancers.  

The Eve Appeal have developed an educational module which provides an overview of vulval cancer to nurses and other HCPs who are new to the field of gynaecology, or those interested in developing their knowledge of the disease and its effect on women. 

The resource is especially helpful for those in primary care who are helping support early diagnosis and management of long term effects of cancer of the vulva. It also aims to help clinicians rule out other gynaecological diagnoses such as sebaceous cysts, lipomas, folliculitis and more.

No preparation or learning materials are required for this learning resource. It should take approximately one hour to complete including reflection time.

The resource can be accessed on the Eve Appeal website.