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Covid-19 update

  • As critical services are restored, NHS E&I would like to remind practices of the importance of providing all women with a postnatal GP check at six to eight weeks.
  • NHS England has produced leaflets providing information for parents planning a birth during the Covid-19 outbreak and for parents of new-born babies.
  • NCL has produced a poster/flyer on coronavirus and pregnancy (see downloads).

Resources for clinicians:

For up-to-date information on maternity services in North Central London parents-to-be can go directly to:

For more general information on maternity services, visit:

Area specific guidance for Camden

The focus for maternity services is to standardise early-pregnancy assessment units to improve access and avoid women ending up in A&E. Better Births community hub in Camden (Harmood Children’s Centre) will be a pilot site to test the proposed model for continuity of care. See the Better Births newsletter in Downloads for more information.

Resources for patients:


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