Long Acting Reversible Contraception


Long Acting Reversible Contraception

This locally commissioned service (LCS) supports Camden’s young people and adults to reduce unintended pregnancies by promoting the Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) as an effective, non-user dependent method of contraception.  Long Acting Reversible Contraception include intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUCDs), intrauterine systems (IUSs) and contraceptive implants. List of practices signed up to provide the LARC LCS is attached. 

Practices can refer registered patients to James Wigg practice for fitting or removal of IUCD/IUS and subdermal implants by completing the referral form attached and emailing it to jameswiggpractice.coilclinic@nhs.net

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any GP practice registered patient.
  • Practices wishing to provide this service to patients registered to other practices in Camden will need to complete and return the ‘Host Application’ form, included in the specification as Appendix 1 

The LARC service involves (see service specifications for more details):  

  • making every contact count by promoting and referral to in-practice LARC service through opportunistic assessment and case-finding
  • discuss and provide advice on the most suitable choice of LARC for the user
  • conduct routine assessment and suitability for IUCD/IUS which include review of medical and sexual history and need for STI testing
  • provide fitting, monitoring, checking and removal of IUCD/IUS
  • provide advice and written information on the day of fitting, on signs and symptoms of infection, perforation and expulsion and to return if there are problems relation to their fitting
  • have a register of all patients fitted with an IUCD/IUS or contraceptive implants 
  • refer failed/complex fittings or removal of an IUD/IUS or implant to cnw-tr.sexualhealthreferrals.cnwl@nhs.net 
  • manage appropriate onward referrals to Sexual Health Services: CNWL.

For queries, contact Public Health via ph.lcs@camden.gov.uk.
To add to current list of related services: Sexual Health Public Health LCS