Same-Day Emergency Care: UCLH


Urgent service providing same-day care for patients with acute medical conditions.

Able to carry out urgent diagnostics if required (e.g. MRI, CT, Doppler, ultrasound, echo and ECG). 

Please note: this service does not include intravenous antibiotics administration, please see OPAT service.

Eligibility Criteria


  • patients who can most likely be managed without an overnight stay, for example:
    • low-risk chest pain (pain free)
    • pulmonary embolism
    • pleural effusion
    • acute headache (non-trauma)
    • collapse
    • lower GI haemorrhage
    • anaemia requiring same-day intervention
    • mild community-acquired pneumonia (CAP)
    • unilateral lower limb swelling (potential DVT/cellulitis)
    • new hypertension
    • suspected pyelonephritis
    • abnormal blood test results
    • infections

The service is non-pathway driven, so please call and discuss.


  • <18s
  • those who require intravenous antibiotics administration
  • NEWS ≥ 5 or 3 in one parameter
  • patients requiring 2WW investigations 
  • patients awaiting specialty review without acute component 
  • patients for Holter monitors
  • Sodium <125
  • Potassium >6.5
  • Lactate >4 (unless seizure related)
  • Patients with ongoing chest pain, high Trop T and ECG changes
  • Requirement for primary Mental Health Team assessment or under MHA section

How to Refer


GP referrals to on-call consultant

Call the service for triage. Opening hours: 8am-8pm, seven days a week

If the referral is accepted, the referral form 987a Elective Attendance (SDEC) - UCLH will need to be completed by the GP.

Out-of-hours referrals

EMIS form

Referral methods: e-Referrals

Complete the 987a Elective Attendance (SDEC) - UCLH form for Inclusion Health (IH) clients

Where to find the form

  • Camden: Camden Global Documents > Alcohol-Drugs-Smoking-Diet-Exercise-Lifestyle


Same-Day Emergency Care

Located on the ground floor of University College Hospital, adjacent to A&E on the Elizabeth Garret Anderson wing. 

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