Age UK Islington Navigation Service


The Age UK Islington Navigation Service is Islington’s principal social prescribing connector service. The navigators provide enhanced signposting through their up-to-date knowledge of available local services, ensuring access to these services in order to promote service users’ independence through improved availability of information and support linked to personal goals. 

What do navigators offer?

The navigators are highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in a range of social and community care services (mental health, drug and alcohol services etc). They offer time limited directly supported case management, using an asset based approach to help service users develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to maintain their independence and improve their quality of life.

Navigators represent, advise and support professionals and service users about the range of non-traditional services that are available to them. They can help to co-ordinate support provided to a service user from a range of health and social care professionals and community groups.

Age UK Islington is commissioned by NCL ICB to provide navigators plus team leaders.

Navigators can refer to the following non-traditional services: 

  • specialist advice (money, benefits, legal, looking after yourself and managing your home)
  • befriending
  • support groups (dementia, counselling, MS)
  • volunteering roles
  • neighbourhood resources (library, fire service, parks)
  • religious and spiritual resources
  • leisure (sports, fitness, arts)
  • clubs and activities (day centres, community activities, self-run groups)
  • organised groups (circles of support)
  • support to get out and about (mobility, transport, confidence building)
  • support finding suitable accommodation (housing association registration or transfer, sheltered housing options)
  • support for unpaid carers (wellbeing support, money)
  • end of life planning support (funeral planning, wills, lasting powers attorney, advance care plans).

Navigators can also:

  • offer advice and support to understand and access non-traditional services to individual cases
  • attend health professional team meetings to offer information and advice on what non-traditional providers offer and make the necessary referrals
  • attend local events and offer information and advice to people living in Islington
  • help people with goal planning when managing their long-term health conditions
  • provide enhanced signposting
  • offer limited case management for hard-to-engage people
  • create a directory of all non-traditional services that are available to professionals
  • identify gaps in services
  • link into enablement services to offer volunteer mentors and support
  • provide assistance with personal health budgets.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Islington resident/registered with an Islington GP and aged 16+.

How to Refer

Age UK Islington

Clinicians can refer service users directly by telephone, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Age UK Islington

Clinicians can refer service users directly via email.

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