Special Allocation Scheme (SAS)

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Practices can request the removal of violent patients from their patient list. The incident must have been reported to the police for the immediate removal to be processed. Secondary or local commissioner approval is not necessary.

Requests to remove patients (either immediate or within eight days) must go to Primary Care Support England (PCSE).

NHS England has directed that, from 5 February 2018, all immediate removals will be processed by PCSE within 24 hours of receipt of notification from the GP practice.

The updated policy includes a provision for the Special Allocation Scheme (SAS) provider to determine whether the removal request is appropriate. Practices have been advised of this update and the process to follow to request removal of a patient from a practice list. Guidance is available on the PCSE website. 

PCSE is not responsible for determining if a patient meets the criteria for immediate removal, other than confirming that the incident has been reported to the police. This is the responsibility of the reporting practice.

All eight-day or immediate removal requests must be logged through the PCSE online forms only. To submit an online form, visit the Contact Us page of the PCSE website.

Contact details

PCSE customer support centre
t: 033 3014 2884

Medicus Select Care (provides primary care services for patients registered with the SAS scheme in NCL)
e: mhpselectcare@nhs.net
t: 020 3813 0611

Review date: Wednesday, 01 February 2023