Bariatric Surgery: WH


The bariatric service at Whittington Hospital is known as the North London Obesity Surgery Service (or NLOSS).

The following operations are offered and performed laparoscopically:

  • gastric banding
  • Roux-en-Y bypass (gastric bypass)
  • single anastomosis gastric bypass
  • sleeve gastrectomy
  • revision surgeries.

Prior to surgery, supervised dieting, medication, physiotherapy and psychological evaluations take place.

Eligibility criteria


  • BMI of 40 kg/m2 or more
  • BMI between 35 kg/m2 and 40 kg/m2 and other significant disease (for example, type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure) that could be improved if they lost weight.

How to refer

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Referral methods: e-Referrals

Routine referrals to CHI RSS via e-Referrals.


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Review date: Thursday, 16 March 2023