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RAG clinical prioritisation for all new GP direct-access imaging referrals

The NCL imaging departments have agreed on a set of standardised imaging prioritisation categories that are to be applied to all future referrals. These must be applied whether that GP is making a referral to independent sector or NHS service providers.

InHealth provides imaging and diagnostic services (routine requests only) across a number of London sites, including the following NCL sites:

  • Barnet MRI Centre (Barnet Hospital)
  • Bingfield Primary Care Centre (Islington)
  • Golders Green Diagnostic Centre (Barnet)
  • Kentish Town Health Centre (Camden)
  • Lordship Lane Health Centre (Haringey) 
  • North London Diagnostic Centre (a multi-modalities site in Enfield).

Patients have access to all InHealth sites across London and will be offered the earliest, nearest combinations.

North London Diagnostic Centre (address below) offers X-ray and Dexa. Appointments must be booked in advance. The walk-in service is currently suspended.

For a list of scans provided, by modality, see Downloads.

Please note: Camden GPs cannot refer MSK conditions for MRI or ultrasound as these need to be referred via the Camden MSK pathway (see related services).

Waiting times are slightly longer for InHealth MSK ultrasound, so please refer to trusts instead to support parity across the region and faster access for patients.

Do not send urgent or suspected cancer requests to InHealth as they will be returned back to the GP, delaying the patient pathway.

InHealth accepts routine requests only, and current waiting times are six weeks.

Barnet MRI referrals

MRI referrals by Barnet practices need to be submitted via the Barnet referral management service. For details see the Barnet Referal Management information pages.

Requests from non-GP healthcare professionals

From 15 November 2021, InHealth began accepting requests for diagnostic imaging from non-GP healthcare professionals. 

In order to do this, practices must complete the InHealth/NCL ICB template form detailing which staff can access diagnostics (see Downloads).

The form needs to confirm in the case of X-ray and Dexa scans that staff have undertaken IRMER training since 2017. A copy of the IRMER certificate must be enclosed for CQC purposes. Suggested IRMER courses can be found on the Imaging Innovated website (see External links).

Practices must make sure that the training is after 2017 if it mentions earlier versions of IRMER, e.g. 2000 is not appropriate.

The form needs countersigning by a GP at the practice.

Completed forms should be sent to:

And copied to:

Contact details

Urgent enquiries/clinical triage
t: 033 3202 3185 (Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm)
Non-urgent/referral enquiries
t: 033 3202 0297 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm)
Patient enquiries
t: 033 3202 0300

Eligibility Criteria


ICBs will only fund open MRIs under the following conditions:

  • claustrophobic patients;
    • most patients with claustrophobia can be successfully scanned using a conventional MRI scanner
  • the patient has failed to tolerate a conventional scan using feet first and oral sedation approaches as appropriate
  • applications for open MRI should confirm that the patient has not tolerated a conventional scan with or without oral sedation as appropriate and, given the poorer image quality from an open MRI scan, confirm that no other diagnostic tests are suitable
  • obese patients;
    • patients who are too large to fit within a conventional MRI scanner should be referred by a secondary care clinician to the bariatric MRI service at Barts health
  • direct referral for patients who meet the criteria listed on the form, clinicians can refer directly to InHealth using the open MRI

NCL ICBs will not routinely fund open MRIs. open MRI is only available to patients who meet the above conditions. Referrers will need to complete the dedicated open MRI referral form confirming patients meet the criteria.

It is also worth noting that open MRI scans provide lower quality images than those from a conventional scanner.

How to Refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: e-Referrals, Email

e-RS: All NCL GPs

To make a booking via e-RS, please use the InHealth Referral Assessment Service (RAS) within e-RS. This will mean the referral is sent to InHealth first and InHealth will book the patient in. Please use the RAS process to avoid incorrect time allocations being selected. Do not book patients in directly.

Complete the relevant form from this list and email to, except for MRI scans in Barnet (see below).

EMIS forms for Barnet only, MRI, Open MRI

  • Barnet MRI Referral Form [yet to be added to EMIS, available as a download]
  • NCL Open MRI Scanner Referral Form - InHealth - Barnet
    • located in the folder Diagnostics

Complete all sections of the Barnet MRI referral form and email it to 

Any forms faxed or emailed directly to the department will be redirected to the RMS.

Requested/Additional information referrals: 

EMIS form for Enfield, Haringey and Islington, Open MRI

Haringey & Islington:

  • NCL Open MRI Scanner Referral Form - InHealth
  • located in the folder InHealth


  • NCL Open MRI Scanner Referral Form - InHealth - Enfield
  • located in the folder InHealth

EMIS forms for Enfield, Haringey and Islington, all scans except Open MRI

  • DXA Referral Form
  • GP MRI Request for Investigation 
  • X-RAY Referral Form - MSK Service
  • Ultrasound Referral Form - InHealth - NCL (Updated)

EMIS forms for Camden, all scans

  • Camden MRI Referral Form (Non MSK) - In Health (April 2021)
  • Camden X-RAY Referral Form (Non MSK) - In Health (April 2021)
  • Camden DXA Referral Form - In Health (April 2021)
  • Ultrasound Referral Form - InHealth - NCL (December 2022)
  • MRI Open Scanner Referral Form - NCL - InHealth (June 2021)

Where to find the forms

In local EMIS global document library systems as follows:

  • Barnet: Bar Global Documents > Diagnostics
  • CamdenCamden EMIS Forms page
  • Enfield: ENF Global Documents > InHealth
  • Haringey: HAR Global Documents > InHealth
  • Islington: ISL Global Documents > InHealth 


North London Diagnostic Centre

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