Sexual Problems


For people with sexual difficulties due to physical and psychological causes, including problems with:

  • erections
  • early ejaculation
  • vaginismus
  • lack of sexual satisfaction
  • low libido
  • female sexual pain, fears and anxiety about intercourse
  • addiction to pornography and fetishism
  • concerns about sexual orientation

Eligibility Criteria


  • aged 18+
  • those with sexual difficulties caused by physical and psychological issues
  • resident in Camden or Islington


  • those who wish to be assessed for gender identity disorder (this service will see patients who are having psychosexual difficulties and have gender identity disorder)

How to Refer


Referral methods: Email

Referral letter needed (brief details of problem and medical history). Patients are contacted within two weeks of receiving the referral and must opt in by completing a questionnaire.

In exceptional circumstances, self-referral is possible.



Sexual Problems Clinic

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Review date: Wednesday, 19 February 2025