Fracture Liaison Service


The Fracture Liaison Service aims to identify people who may be at risk of further falls or fractures.

The service:

  • is nurse-led and aims to identify patients presenting to Barnet Hospital with a fragility fracture
  • offers comprehensive assessment and advice to help to avoid future fractures
  • assesses patients over the age of 50 years who have attended hospital with a fragility fracture
  • offers treatments to strengthen bone or reduce the risk of further falls may be effective in reducing the risk of further fractures
  • offers nurse-led telephone follow-up for patients who have been recommended treatment.

Patients can expect:

  • a clinical assessment by the Nurse Specialist
    • this will look at assessing osteoporosis and future fracture risk as well as the risk of falls
  • a bone density (DEXA) scan to more accurately measure any thinning of the bone, if indicated
  • advice regarding results of the assessments and any recommended treatments
  • referral to appropriate falls prevention services or exercise programmes, if indicated 
  • nurse-led telephone follow up after the initial assessment, only if recommended treatment.

Eligibility Criteria


The patient must:

  • be aged 50 or over
  • reside in Barnet or registered with a Barnet GP
  • have sustained a low-trauma fracture (excluding skull and facial fractures, c-spine, hands and feet)
    • a low-trauma fracture is classified as a fracture that has occurred from a fall from standing height or less.


If the patient lives outside of Barnet:

  • Enfield have their own service and will identify patients who need to be seen
  • all other boroughs have no service, so responsibility falls to the hospital clinician or GP if in the community, who can either complete a FRAX assessment +/- request a DXA.

How to Refer

Clinicians should refer by phone.

Alternative number:
t: 07929 791 069

Service Feedback

Review date: Friday, 21 March 2025