Facial Pain Clinic: UCLH

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The University College London Hospitals (UCLH) Facial Pain Clinic sees patients with facial pain (pain in the face, mouth or jaws) which has persisted for at least three months. 

The clinic provides access to a wide range of multidisciplinary services, including:

  • clinical psychology
  • specialist physiotherapy
  • clinical nurse specialists
  • neurosurgery
  • oral and maxillofacial surgery

Eligibility Criteria


The clinic cares for patients aged 16+ (children are only seen in exceptional circumstances) who are registered with a general dental practitioner (details must be provided with referral) who have:

  • burning mouth syndrome
  • persistent idiopathic facial pain of non-dental origin (previously termed atypical facial pain)
  • trigeminal neuralgia (primary and secondary)
  • trigeminal neuropathic pain (e.g. post herpetic neuralgia)
  • temporomandibular disorder (TMD)
  • orofacial pain complicated by other factors such as psychiatric/personality disorders and/or psychological problems


  • patients with dental pain, headaches or migraines

How to Refer

The facial pain service accepts referrals from GPs, dentists and secondary care specialists. Please note that this is a chronic pain service which doesn't accept 2WW or urgent referrals.

EMIS form

Referral methods: e-Referrals, Email

Complete the Facial Pain Referral Pro Forma - UCLH referral form.

Refer via e-RS

For urgent cancer referrals, see the 2WW page.

How to find the service on e-RS

  • Specialty: Pain Management
  • Clinic type: Pain Management
  • Service name: Pain Management Unit Triage Service - NHNN - UCLH - RRV

How to find the form

  • Barnet: BAR Global Documents > Referral Forms folder
  • Camden: Camden Global Documents > Dermatology-ENT-Dental & Ophtalmo
  • Enfield: ENF Global Documents > Pain Service folder
  • Haringey: HAR Global Documents > Others folder
  • Islington: ISL Global Documents > Others folder


Referral methods: e-Referrals, Email

All referrals will be triaged by a clinician and if accepted will be allocated an appointment in due course. 


UCLH Facial Pain Clinic

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Review date: Sunday, 19 January 2025