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Bone Health & Fracture Liaison Community Service


The Enfield Bone Health and Fracture Liaison Service works together with GPs and other community-based organisations to identify and provide skilled assessment of elderly people who have fallen or fractured a bone.

The service will signpost and refer on to other organisations (e.g. physiotherapy for balance and strengthening exercises), or the team may refer for a DEXA scan to measure bone mineral density. The service also offers adherence and compliance checks with bisphosphonate therapy if prescribed.

Falling is not an inevitable result of ageing, but the risk of falling increases as people get older. Not all falls will result in serious injury, but a fall can result in a broken bone which may be difficult to recover from.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Enfield residents aged 50+. 

How to Refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: Email

Complete the Adult Services Single Point of Access Referral Form - Enfield Community Services and send it to the centralised Enfield Community Services e: beh-tr.ecsadultsinglepointofaccess@nhs.net

Once the referral has been received, it will be screened by non-clinical administrators with no changes to clinical response times.

Where to find the form

ENF Global Library > Community Therapies folder


Bone Health & Fracture Liaison Community Service

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Review date: Friday, 19 July 2024