Paediatric Post-Covid Syndrome Service

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NHS England has published clinical guidance on assessing and managing children and young people with symptoms of post-Covid-19 syndrome.

The paediatric post-Covid-19 pathway mirrors the NCL adult pathway and recommends triage and assessment in primary care before referring onwards when specialist advice is required.

Referral is initially to local paediatric services, either after discussion with paediatrics or via rapid referral clinic route, using the referral form (Suspected Post COVID-19 Local Paediatrician Referral Form – NCL). 

Paediatrics will assess and refer on to the Paediatric Virtual MDT as necessary using the NHS England referral form, who will give advice or divert to the tertiary Post Covid Service at UCLH for those with severe or complex symptoms where required.

If there any problems or delays in the referral process please contact


How to refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: EMIS managed referral

Please complete the form called Suspected Post COVID-19 Local Paediatrician Referral Form – NCL (v1.2)

Where to find the form

In local EMIS global document library systems as follows:

  • Barnet: Bar Global Documents > Covid-19
  • Camden:
    • For Template Manager practices: Camden EMIS Forms page         
    • For Resource Publisher practices:  Within your practice’s EMIS system (no import/action needed)
  • Enfield: ENF Global Documents > Covid-19
  • Haringey: HAR Global Documents > Covid-19
  • Islington: ISL Global Documents > Covid-19

NHS England has also created a referral form for paediatricians to refer patients to a virtual paediatric MDT

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Review date: Wednesday, 12 July 2023