Personalised cancer care

NCL Wide
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Personalised cancer care provides individuals with cancer with access to care and support that is tailored to meet their needs so that they can live as full, healthy and active a life as possible by managing any physical and psychosocial effects of cancer and its treatment, providing access to financial, emotional, practical and social support, and support to maintain a healthy lifestyle and self-manage their condition. Rehabilitation has a key role in personalised cancer care throughout the pathway.


Personalised cancer care means that every person with cancer has the right care and support which works for them. It is important because every person who requires cancer care is different. Whilst optimal clinical care can be standardised, different people need different aspects/intensity of care and support because of their unique needs, circumstances and preferences. Personalised cancer care therefore provides an opportunity to recognise and reduce inequalities, and to improve cancer care where many individuals with cancer are living with physical and emotional unmet needs. 

Personalised cancer care also uses health care professionals’ time more effectively and so provides a better model to respond to the projected 42 per cent increase in number of people living with cancer in North Central London by 2030. 

Vision and strategy

The vision is to ensure all people living with and affected by cancer in NCL have the best possible experience and outcomes.

The NCL Cancer Alliance has developed a Personalised Cancer Care Strategy with input from system partners.

Review date: Tuesday, 04 October 2022