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See the Covid-19 guidance and resources are available on this website, see Related resources, right.

For specific enquiries or updates relating to NCL’s response to Covid-19, contact the dedicated NCL Incident Coordination Centre (ICC)

It is a statutory duty of all registered medical practitioners to report suspected/possible cases of reportable infectious diseases, including Covid-19. 

See the GOV.UK website for information about infection prevention and control during Covid-19.

Referral to post-Covid services

All other Covid-19 related services are listed at the bottom of this page in the services section. Changes to current services during this period can be found directly on the service pages.


See the Covid-19 Oximetry@Home: Resources for practices section for information about the pathway.

Resources, guidance and information

See Downloads or links for the following: 

Area specific guidance for Barnet

See the Resources section of the Supporting people with a learning disability page for a collection of Barnet-specific resources designed to help people with learning disabilities get their vaccination.


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