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Palliative Care for Children: Noah's Ark Hospice

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Noah's Ark Children's Hospice provides holistic clinical and non-clinical support to babies, children and young people with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions, and their families.

Services include nursing and specialist care, creative therapies, family activities and sibling support.

Eligibility Criteria


Noah's Ark Children's Hospice accepts referrals of children in NCL between the ages of 0-19 based on the following criteria, in line with guidelines used by all children's hospices:

  • Group One: Life-threatening conditions for which curative treatment may fail
  • Group Two: Conditions where premature death is anticipated but intensive treatment may prolong life (e.g. complicated cystic fibrosis, HIV)
  • Group Three: Progressive conditions without curative treatment options where treatment is exclusively palliative (e.g. Battens disease, mucopolysaccharidoses)
  • Group Four: Conditions causing severe neurological disability leading to susceptibility of health complications and likelihood of premature death (e.g. severe cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities following brain or spinal cord injury)
  • Group Five: Current resident on neonatal intensive care unit or specialist maternity services (also referrals to Music Therapy Service)
  • Group Six: Post-bereavement support during the three-year period following the death of a child.

How to Refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: Email

Complete the All Age Pan-London Specialist Palliative Care Referral Form - NCL form and send to noahs.referrals@nhs.net

Referrals can come from any source (parents, GP or hospital), as long as the child’s parent or carer has given their consent.

Referrals will be assessed by the Noah's Ark multidisciplinary panel, who will consider the child’s diagnosis against the hospice's criteria. Panelists may need to speak to professionals involved in caring for the child and may contact referrers for additional information before a decision about whether the child meets these criteria is made.

Noah's Ark will write to the referrer with the team's decision, and families will be contacted within five working days.

Where to find the form

  • Barnet: BAR Global Documents > Referral Forms folder
  • Camden: Camden Global Documents > Children Services
  • Enfield: ENF Global Documents > Palliative Care folder
  • Haringey: HAR Global Documents > Palliative Care
  • Islington: ISL Global Documents > Palliative Care folder


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