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Virtual multidisciplinary meetings have been developed for neuroscience, stroke and functional neurological disorders.

These are virtual professional discussions to support clinicians in the community looking after patients with a neuroscience condition.

Clinicians should attend to discuss cases that would benefit from discussion with a neuroscience multidisciplinary panel to support the patient's care in the community and signpost to appropriate services. All multidisciplinary team meetings can be referred to using the same form.

The Neuroscience MDT consists of a:

  • consultant neurologist
  • neuro physiotherapist
  • neuro occupational therapist
  • complex care nurse.

The Functional Neurological Disorders MDT consists of a:

  • consultant neuropsychiatrist
  • consultant neurologist
  • neuro physiotherapist
  • neuro occupational therapist.

The Stroke MDT consists of a:

  • consultant neurologist
  • stroke specialist nurse 
  • specialist neuro therapist 
  • stroke specialist social worker 
  • stroke service manager 
  • clinical neuro psychologist.  

Eligibility Criteria


  • Adult patients with a neuroscience condition who live in NCL.

How to Refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: Email

Complete the North Central London Community Stroke and Neurosciences MDT Referral NCL and send via email to:

Where to find the form

  • Barnet: BAR Global Documents > Referral Forms folder
  • Camden: Camden Global Documents > Neurology folder
  • Enfield: ENF Global Documents > Neurology folder
  • Haringey: HAR Global Documents > Neurology folder
  • Islington: ISL Global Documents > Neurology folder

Service Feedback

Review date: Thursday, 10 July 2025