Targeted Youth Support


Targeted Youth Support (TYS) focuses on providing early help to young people aged 10 to 21 years old (12-21 for youth counselling), who require additional support to enable them to make informed choices and maintain positive pathways. It is made up of the following service areas that provide interlinking support: 

  • 1:1 and group work support, education, detached youth work
  • Return Home Interviews, and the completion of all Out of Court Disposals
  • Islington Young People's Drugs and Alcohol Service (IYPDAS)
  • Young Parent Support Coordinator and the TYS Counselling Service

TYS works in youth centres, schools, family homes, community buildings and youth hubs in Islington. It also delivers work on the streets, in parks and on estates through detached and outreach work and two mobile units - the Y Trucks.

Young people may receive an Out of Court Disposal: triage, youth caution or youth conditional caution.

TYS staff assess and provide intervention plans, which enable young people to comply with the terms of their orders, reduce the risk of re-offending, understand the seriousness and consequences of their offending and make amends through direct or indirect reparation.

TYS support services aim to help young people and their families participate in their intervention plans and may include:

  • family and parenting support
  • health services including substance misuse
  • psychology
  • counselling and sexual health
  • helping young people get into education, training and employment

Patient Information 

TYS Youth Counselling Service leaflet (PDF)

Eligibility criteria


  • CYP aged 10 to 21 years old
  • CYP aged 12-21 for youth counselling


How to refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: Email

A referral form can be found in ISL EMIS under
ISL global documents > Paediatric  > Islington's Children Services - Request for service form

e: using your email account.

Please note: From 30 September 2019, it has been possible for GPs to refer all social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) referrals in children and young people (CYP) to a central point of access that sits within the Children’s Services Contact Team at Islington Council. All referrals to this SEMH service will first receive safeguarding screening by Children's Services Contact Team. The multi-agency intake team will find the most appropriate service for the CYP, including TYS.


Young people/families can refer themselves
t: 020 7527 7400

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