Paediatric Rapid Referral Clinic: UCLH


Same-day assessment (0-17 years)

Please telephone the on-call paediatric registrar so that arrangements can be made to see the patient in the correct location:
t: 020 3447 9000 (bleep 5301)
t: 07940 476 817

In case of emergency, please send the patient to the closest emergency department and let the on-call registrar know so that they are prepared for the patient.

Urgent outpatient general paediatric medicine

and 'first fit' or suspected new diagnosis of epilepsy referrals (age 0-17 years)

Please refer to the University College London Hospitals' (UCLH) rapid referral clinic. This is a pre-booked service via e-referrals and for local patients only. See below in the How to refer section.

The on-call consultant paediatrician can be contacted for advice on the best course of action if the GP is unsure:
t: 07803 853 567

An acutely ill child who needs immediate attention should be sent directly to the local emergency department.

If you have any queries about the rapid referral clinic or your patient’s appointment, please contact the CYP outpatient department on the following:
t: 020 3447 6565
t: 020 3447 6531
t: 020 3447 6539 

Babies with prolonged jaundice (14-20 days)

If the child is otherwise well, refer to the ANNP clinic:
t: 07903 358 839

If the child is unwell, refer to the closest paediatric unit.

Babies with prolonged jaundice (21 days or more)

Follow advice for rapid referral clinic.

Advice and guidance

GPs who want advice only or clarification of the correct pathway of care can use Advice and Guidance on ERS or can discuss the case or pathway with the on-call consultant:
t: 07803 853 567

Please note: the consultant is additionally responsible for ward and emergency activities and in some situations may need to return your call, though the team enjoys speaking to GPs.

The general paediatric admin email address for any other non-urgent correspondence for the team’s attention is:

Eligibility criteria


  • patients registered with GP practices in Camden or Islington
  • for children and young people up to age 18.

How to refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: e-Referrals

GP referral via the e-Referrals system (direct to hospital, not via CHI RSS): patients cannot walk in with a referral.

Instructions for e-Referrals:

  • Priority ‘Urgent’ Specialty: Children and Adolescents
  • Clinic type: Other medical Service Name - Children & Young People
  • Service name: Rapid Referral Clinic, Paediatrics Division: UCLH1 - RRV

Please note: Rapid Referrals may be triaged with a wait time of up to two weeks.


UCLH Children & Young People Rapid Referral Clinic

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