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FIT for Patients Presenting with Bowel Symptoms

NCL Wide

The faecal immunochemical test (FIT) is a non-invasive test that detects hidden blood in a stool sample that could be suggestive of bowel cancer. The test is carried out at home and is the primary test in the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.

In NCL, FIT is also used as part of a new pathway for patients who have lower abdominal symptoms that suggest bowel cancer but who have a negative FIT test. This means they have a very low risk of having bowel cancer but it cannot be ruled out entirely.

This video explains use of FIT and how it fits into the NCL lower gastrointestinal (GI) diagnosis and treatment pathway.

Broadcast date: Wednesday, 24 March 2021
Publish date: Thursday, 29 April 2021
Review date: Sunday, 19 January 2025