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Rapid Diagnostic Centres (RDCs) offer a diagnostic pathway for all patients with non-specific symptoms that could indicate cancer. This patient cohort doesn’t necessarily fit the criteria for a referral onto a specific 2WW pathway.

Features and benefits:

  • provides a one-stop service where possible
  • a consultant led triage process that enhances the speed and efficiency of pathway
  • gives patients a clear diagnosis or onward management plan, in addition to tests that exclude/identify cancer
  • enables effective communication between primary and secondary care
  • enhanced support from clinicians, CNS and navigators
  • reduced need for GPs to make multiple cancer referrals when a cancer of unknown origin is suspected.

GPs should request a prescribed set of investigations and filter function tests (i.e. blood tests) when making a referral. These results should be included in a referral form, and should be recent (less than six months old). These tests can be ordered as a bundle on tQuest at North Middlesex, RFL and UCLH. It is also available on SunQuest at WH. GPs in the Whittington catchment can order tests on SunQuest before making a referral to the other three trusts.

Patient with a definite or almost definite diagnosis of metastatic disease should be referred to a CUP service. 

In future the RDC will take patients with a suspected myeloma who have non-specific symptoms.


Watch the five Pancreatic Cancer Action GP Consultation Reconstruction videos accredited by the RCGP

Eligibility criteria


  • new unexplained and unintentional weight loss
  • new unexplained constitutional symptoms
  • new unexplained vague abdominal pain
  • GP ‘gut feeling’ of cancer diagnosis

How to refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: e-Referrals

The referral process is as follows:

  • order ‘Filter Function’ test bundle (via tQuest or SunQuest)
  • complete ‘Filter Function’ tests
  • once Filter Function tests results are returned, download RDC referral form from EMIS and complete (please include as much clinically relevant information as possible)
  • select specific RDC clinic within e-RS
  • submit referral form via e-RS

Where to find the form

Local EMIS global document library systems in the 2WW Cancer Referral Forms folder > Rapid Diagnostic Centre (RDC) Suspected Cancer Non-Specific Symptoms - Referral 

For Camden, please find the form on the Camden Emis Forms page

Editable PDF / Word document Download Form

Referral methods: e-Referrals



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