Endoscopy PEG Gastrostomy Triage Service


The Whittington Health Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Service provides insertion, replacement and removal of PEG feeding tubes/jejunal extension conversions.

Eligibility criteria


  • adults who require long term gastric feeding tubes
  • patient must be able to lie flat and tolerate an endoscopy.


  • patients requiring radiologically inserted gastrostomy tubes/first balloon gastrostomy tubes/low profile feeding devices
  • patients unable to lie flat or open mouth to accommodate mouth guard
  • patients with chest infections, other infections requiring antibiotic therapy or diarrhoea
  • patients who are not clinically fit to undergo sedation
  • patients with buried bumper syndrome may require referral to surgeons
  • patients requiring oxygen therapy
  • patients for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy.

How to refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: e-Referrals

See the referral checklist in Downloads before completing the referral. The referral is likely to be rejected if it does not contain all of the information listed.

Send the Diagnostic Endoscopy – Endoscopic PEG Gastrostomy Triage Service Referral Form via e-RS.

If patient does not have capacity to consent, a completed Consent 4 Form (see Downloads) must be scanned in with the referral.

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Review date: Wednesday, 25 October 2023