Camden Carers

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Covid-19 update

We are currently providing limited face-to-face appointments and activities. Carers will need to contact us to book to a face-to-face appointment. We are also offering support over the phone and email, as well as activities online via Zoom.

Camden Carers offer a range of services and support to carers, including:

  • A Support and wellbeing line
  • One-to-one support 
  • Emotional support, including a counselling service 
  • Carers conversations (assessments)
  • Health and lifestyle consultations 
  • Carers groups - offering peer support, social activities and information 
  • Camden Carers Voice - run by and for carers, a campaigning voice for change
  • Benefits, access to work and financial advice

Eligibility criteria


  • carers who live, work or study in Camden, or care for someone who lives in Camden

How to refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: EMIS managed referral

Where to find the form

EMIS forms (Camden) > All other forms > Camden Carers Professional Referral Form

Editable PDF / Word document Download Form

Referral methods: Email

Professionals can refer carers via the Professionals referral form. Once completed, this can be sent via email to:

e: OR

Carers can self-refer themselves via the self-referral form available for download. Once completed, this can be sent via email to Alternatively, carers can phone on 020 7428 8950. 

t: 020 7428 8950