Valida Client: Urgent Care Plan

NCL Wide

Valida Client is a tool that allows you to directly access your patients Urgent Care Plan (UCP) via EMIS. Once it is installed on your device (please see the troubleshooting guide for how to do this), you will see a flag on your patients record when they have an Urgent Care Plan. 

You can get further information on Valida Client using the downloads and links found on this page as well as at the Urgent Care Plan for London website

If you have problems or questions about using Valida, please contact the UCP Helpdesk (contact details below). Helpdesk opening hours are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Please note: login details to set up a user on EMIS should have been sent to the practice manager email address.

NCLD Laptop- To install Valida Client on to a NCLD laptop, click on the Windows icon, then search for 'company portal', when this app loads up, click on Valida Client. Once installed you will need to restart your laptop.

UCP: London


Review date: Thursday, 06 July 2023