Learning disability and mental health care homes


Learning disability and mental health care homes are a vital part of the primary care family and provide essential care to some of the most vulnerable members of society.

While most of the service users of these care homes are not older adults, they are much more likely than the general population to have two or more complex health needs. Hopefully, therefore, the other pages on this site will be of use in helping staff access relevant mainstream services and training materials.

Due to their increased risk of complex health needs, is important that people with learning disabilities and mental health diagnoses have health checks with their GP. 

Learning disability care homes

More useful information about learning disabilities and learning disability health checks can be found on the Learning Disability topic page.  

Mental health care homes

GPs are assisted in carrying out health checks on individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) in Islington by locally-based specialist nurses. 

The Lester Tool (see right) gives a good idea of the areas that should be focused on when performing health checks of people with mental illness. 

The MIND website is a source of useful information on mental health conditions, medication, therapy and lifestyle advice for carers and service users alike.

General resources

Diabetes is often felt to be an area of concern for carers and nurses working in the learning disability and mental health care sector.

We aim to create some specialist content on the topic; until then Diabetes UK has lots of information on monitoring, medications and food. 

Review date: Friday, 17 March 2023