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Barnet Primary Care Training Hub started in 2014 as Barnet Community Education Provider Network (CEPN) to improve the health, wellbeing, and care available to people in Barnet through strengthening the health and care workforce. The name changed to ‘Barnet Primary and Community Care Training Hub’ in 2019 when NHSE and HEE formalised the role of training hubs in England.

We receive funding from HEE and the North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group which covers Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, and Islington. 

Barnet has a diverse population, with some relatively deprived areas and other more affluent areas. Barnet is the second most populous borough in London with about 396,000 residents, with an elderly demographic.

There are approximately 80 registered nursing and care homes in the borough and many people move to Barnet to reside in these homes. Many immigrants have moved to parts of Barnet too, including young families with children.

Barnet Primary and Community Care Training Hub comprises of a network of more than 30 stakeholders working together across sectors and disciplines.

The main stakeholders are Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust (the local acute trust) Central London Community Healthcare Trust (the community provider) the Barnet directorate of NCL clinical commissioning group, patient group, Barnet GP Federation, Middlesex Local Pharmacy Committee, Local Medical Committee, Public Health, Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust and Barnet Social care.

The network aims to:

  • increase access to training and development for the health and care workforce in Barnet.
  • improve the morale of health and care workers and the extent to which workers feel valued.
  • improve the integration of health and care services.

Programmes managed by the Training Hub include: 

  • New to practice fellowships
  • General Practice Nursing Programme – providing training and CPD opportunities for Barnet’s nurses, nursing associates and healthcare support workers.
  • Pharmacy Training Programme providing training and support for pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians working in Barnet.
  • Widening Participation programme - showcasing NHS careers to high school students in a careers fair with Middlesex University
  • Expanding teaching of medical students in primary and community care settings
  • Non-clinical training programme – including GP assistant training, prescription clerk training, practice manager/administrator updates, receptionist training, supervision and training for social prescribers and care co-ordinators.
  • Covid vaccination training
  • Recruitment and retention programme, including generic and bespoke induction programmes, international GP recruitment.
  • Faculty development providing support and training for educationalists in Barnet primary, community, and social care.
  • Care home supervision project
  • Monthly pan-Barnet webinar

For more information about Barnet Primary Care Training Hub news, events, and training as well as more about our projects please look at our website:   

If you want to contact us please email Emily Ho:

Induction resources for new starters in Barnet

The Barnet Training Hub induction programme page has been designed for members of staff who have recently started or will soon be commencing a new role working in primary care in Barnet.

The programme aims to improve the experience for new starters and enhance workforce retention. The page features a range of resources that new staff are encouraged to access, to complement local practice or PCN inductions, including:

  • The Barnet training hub induction pack - latest version available for download
  • General induction videos for all members of the primary care team
  • Bespoke induction videos for specific roles in primary care
  • Joining instructions to sign up for future virtual live induction sessions. 

For more information, or to feedback about the programme please contact us at the email address below.

Review date: Thursday, 31 March 2022