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Right Test Right Time

It is often difficult to know which pathology test is needed and the burden of checking results is high. Dr Karen Sennett is the clinical lead in the NCL STP Right Test Right Time group, composed of GPs, clinical scientists and consultants, which provides advice for GPs. For more information on Right Test Right Time, see Related resources, right.

Electronic ordering

To improve quality, electronic ordering, via tQuest or SunQuest, is in use. TQuest is to be used when ordering tests at University College London Hospitals, North Middlesex University Hospitals and Royal Free London. SunQuest is to be used when ordering tests from Whittington Health.

The North Central London ICB agreed an ambition for 85 per cent of all GP direct-access pathology orders to be requested through tQuest/SunQuest by March 2020. 

Practices should remove all pathology request forms from practice folders or EMIS to avoid any confusion when ordering tests. This will ensure that the laboratories are able to improve the management of the many hundreds of pathology test request from GPs received daily and improve the reporting of pathology test results to requesting practices.


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