For information on two-week wait (2WW) referrals, see Suspected Cancer Two-Week Referrals (2WW). If there are issues getting an appointment within two weeks, use the Quality Alert System (QAS) form to alert NCL ICB. Direct referrals for urgent diagnostics are available as an alternative to 2WW.

Visit the Cancer Care Resources section for educational materials, DES and QOF guidance (including the 2022-23 NCL guidance pack), information about personalised cancer care, and patient-facing resources.

Visit the Screening topic page for detailed information on cancer screening.

Visit the Planned Care section for for elective care and 2WW wait times.

The Cancer Research UK (CRUK) contract hub has been updated with 2022-23 early diagnosis guidance.

Local initiatives

GPs are reminded to use the faecal immunochemical test (FIT) in both low-risk (DG30) and high-risk (NG12) cases with lower gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms.

Visit the NCL Teledermatology: Dermoscopy page for information about the NCL teledermatology service.


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Cancer GP Lead for the NCL CA

Dr Afsana Bhuiya

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Download • PDF, 536.08 KB

Direct access to urgent diagnostics: Referral guide

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Download • PDF, 215.59 KB

Pan-London breast urgent referrals: Patient leaflet

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Download • PDF, 293.07 KB

Pan-London suspected sarcoma: Referral form changes

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Download • PDF, 51.67 KB

Urgent referrals: Patient leaflet

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Download • PDF, 2.57 MB

Screening information for transgender and non-binary individuals

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Download • PDF, 1.64 MB

Good practice screening guide 2020

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Download • PDF, 163.92 KB

Pan-London gynaecological urgent referrals: Patient leaflet

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Download • PDF, 155.48 KB

Pan-London oesophago-gastric urgent referrals: Patient leaflet

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Download • PDF, 95.3 KB

Pan-London prostate urgent referrals: Patient leaflet

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Download • PDF, 584.36 KB

Myeloma and MGUS: A guide for GPs

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Download • PDF, 116.81 KB

Differentiation of the Cs in lung cancer: Cancer vs Covid-19

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Download • DOCX, 15.04 KB

Macmillan cancer support and information services

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Covid-19: Suspected cancer patient information leaflet

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