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  • Visit the Imaging topic page for details of the single suspected cancer imaging referral form now in use across all NCL providers.
  • For information on 2WW referrals, see Suspected Cancer Two-week Referrals (2WW).
    • If there are issues getting an appointment within two weeks, please use the QAS form to alert NCL ICB.
  • Direct referral for urgent diagnostics is available rather than a 2WW.  
  • Visit the Screening topic page for detailed information on cancer screening.
  • Visit the Cancer education pages for learning resources.
  • See downloads for Myeloma and MGUS: A guide for GPs.

Local initiatives

CRUK facilitators and GP hub

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) facilitators are working in NCL to support PCNs to improve cancer outcomes for their patients and help fulfil their early diagnosis and DES requirements. CRUK facilitators can support your network with quality improvement activities on prevention, early diagnosis and screening.

To invite your CRUK facilitator along to your PCN meeting to hear more about what they can provide and how they can support you, please email or Bethany Shaw directly on

The CRUK GP Contract Hub is also now updated with 2021/22 cancer guidance.

Cancer patient resources

Visit the Cancer patient resources page for resources you can add to your practice websites.


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