Social Services


Camden Social Services provides:

  • information about social care assessments and eligibility
  • the option of direct payments to those who are eligible to receive certain care and support, so that they can choose the care services they wish to pay for
  • assistive technology to enable a person to live as independently as possible
  • safeguarding of vulnerable adults in need of social care support
  • the ‘What Matters’ approach to delivering social care support; this approach is about supporting people to identify their strengths and helping them realise their potential to make it possible for people to live as healthily and independently as possible

Issues to consider:

  • Has consent been given by the patient for you to refer them to social care?
  • If not, why?
  • Are there mental capacity issues?
  • Are you making a best interest decision?
  • Are there safeguarding issues?

To find out more about adult social care in Camden, please email Jessica Lawson, Prevention and Wellbeing Service Manager.


How to refer


A referral email can be sent by GPs, family, carers, friends etc. on the patient's behalf.

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Review date: Wednesday, 18 January 2023