Semen Analysis: RF


The Royal Free (RF) semen analysis service at Barnet Hospital aims to assess a man's sperm and semen to identify factors that may be influencing fertility. The service has been accredited to the ISO 15189:2012 laboratory standards. It supports investigations of male infertility and assessment of post-vasectomy efficacy.

The semen analysis service has produced a patient information leaflet (see the external links section) which will be shared with patients when they collect a sample container after their appointment. The leaflet is also available on the RF website.

The reporting turnaround time is five working days. Results are usually made available through the EMIS Review system. Contact the andrology laboratory using the details below if you do not receive the results.

t: 020 3912 0366

Eligibility criteria


Reasons to request a test include:

  • investigate difficulties conceiving
  • determine fertility treatment suitability
  • investigate male accessory gland function
  • confirm success of procedure (e.g. vasectomy)
  • assess effects of other procedures on fertility (e.g. post-chemotherapy, surgery).

How to refer


Patients can make an appointment to the RF semen analysis service once a tQuest order has been placed. Give the tQuest form to your patient and ask them to call Barnet Hospital Andrology Laboratory via the number below. Patients will need to collect a sample container from Barnet Hospital before their appointment.


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Review date: Thursday, 16 February 2023