Paediatric Infections and Tropical Diseases

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This clinic provides a service to children and young people with unusual, complicated or recurrent infections. Provides expertise in tropical infection, including screening of returned travellers or migrant children and young people.

Clinic takes place fortnightly within Children & Young People's outpatients dept. 

If patient requires attention within two weeks, refer to Paediatric Rapid Referral Clinic instead, stating you are seeking an urgent Paediatric Infectious Disease opinion. 

Young people aged 16 years and over may also attend walk-in clinic at Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Children with suspected tuberculosis should be referred to Tuberculosis service.

Eligibility criteria


  • patients registered with GP practices in Camden


How to refer


Referral methods: e-Referrals

Please send GP letter via the e-Referrals system.

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