MOSAIC (Service for Disabled Children)

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MOSAIC aims to support children and young people with disabilities in their independence and involvement in all aspects of home, nursery, school, leisure and community activities.

The multi-disciplinary service includes speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, child psychologists, specialist health visitor, paediatric dietician and paediatricians.

The service is co-located with the Children and Young People with Disability 0-25 Social Care Service.

MOSAIC includes the following services:

Eligibility criteria


 The service is for children aged 0–19 only who have:

  • high levels of complex needs requiring a multi-disciplinary or multi-agency response, whose parents are unable to meet the child's needs without additional services;

  • severe complex disability/health problems that are, or likely to be, long term, and have substantial impact on child and family functioning and outcomes;

  • early identified significant developmental needs where there is unclear diagnosis and multi-disciplinary/agency assessment is required;

  • severe or profound difficulties in one or more of the following developmental areas: physical, learning, sensory impairment, communication/social communication, chronic/long term illness, mental health in addition to severe/profound disability, children born with or acquired complex health/disability needs.

How to refer

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Referral methods: Email

Referral via single point of referral (SPOR) form or EMIS form.


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