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Maternity Bereavement Service (North Middlesex University Hospital)


The Maternity Bereavement Service at NMUH is available to support parents following the loss of a baby during pregnancy and up to 28 days following birth.

The following options are available:

Snowdrop Bereavment Service

Women who delivered their baby at NMUH at or above 18 weeks' gestation are automatically referred to the Snowdrop Bereavement Service which offers dedicated support via a named Bereavement Lead Midwife and additional option for referral to one of two professional counseling services via our charitable partners. These women are also eligible for referral to the Bluebell (pregnancy after loss) antenatal caseload clinic in the next pregnancy (if they wish).

Referrals should be made FAO: Michelle Lynch for the Bluebell Clinic.

Gynaecology Unit

Women who lose a baby in the first 18 weeks of pregnancy, booked or diagnosed, at NMUH via any means, including MTOP for fetal anomaly, are eligible for referral to dedicated support clinics run by the Bereavement Midwife within the gynaecology unit at NMUH. Referral is via the Bereavement Midwife. Please be aware this is not a formal counseling service.

Recurrent miscarriage

Women with a history of recurrent miscarriage cann be referred to the general gynaecology outpatient clinics for further investigations and assessment. Referrals should clearly highlight the referral is for investigation of recurrent miscarriage. If a patient delivered at NMUH, these investigations will be arranged internally. Alternatively, these patients can be referred directly to the Tommy's Miscarriage Clinics via Choose and Book/NHS e-referrals.

Bluebell Bereavement Support Service

Please note: the face-to-face support group is currently suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The social media sites remain open and staff will respond to enquiries through these channels

Any woman, or her family members, resident in Haringey or Enfield and suffering the loss of a baby or young child, may attend the monthly Bluebell Bereavement Support Service coffee mornings run at NMUH. This is a drop in peer-to-peer support group permitting parents to meet others affected by the loss of a child and to take part in memory making activities should they so wish. Multi-lingual support can be provided but advance notice is required for this. Otherwise there is no formal referral process, and families should be directed to either the group's Facebook or Twitter accounts (where dates are displayed) or asked to email the Bereavement Midwife.

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