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Growing Together: Support for Parents and Young Children


Growing Together is an innovative partnership between iCope (primary care adult mental health service) and Islington CAMHS. The team provides psychological intervention to parents with primary care level mental health issues and their children aged one to five, who also require psychological intervention.

Growing Together welcomes families from diverse backgrounds, races and cultures and individuals who identify as LGTBQ+.

The service offers a range of interventions and tailors support to each individual family, with the aim of improving both parent and child wellbeing. Families are seen at community locations, such as Children’s Centres, and some services can also be provided at the family’s home or online/by phone where appropriate. 

Growing Together also provides outreach activities in the community in order to maximize the accessibility of the team. This includes offering psycho-educational workshops to the public, and training and consultations to professionals.  

Please see the iCope website for more information, including information about how to contact the service regarding training or consultation and details of upcoming open-access workshops for the public (please note that members of the public attending these workshops are not referred to or assessed by our team). Website:

Services for families 

  • MindSkills group
  • a course for parents to learn CBT skills to manage depression or anxiety
  • Mellow Parenting Group: A 15-week parenting group for mothers who would like support with the emotional challenges of parenting 
  • adult psychological therapies
  • parent-infant/child psychotherapy
  • family/couple therapy
  • child behaviour management and parenting advice

Services for professionals

  • consultation regarding families and parental mental health issues
  • training in adult and child mental health for professionals working with children in Islington

Eligibility criteria


  • parent/carer has consented to being referred to the Growing Together service
  • parent/carer has mental health needs or is experiencing psychological distress and the child also has needs
  • child is aged 1-5 years
  • Islington resident or has an Islington GP


  • parent requires secondary care mental health services (e.g. has significant mental health issues and/or severe risk issues)
  • only parent or child has needs, or where another service would be more suitable
  • safeguarding concerns: the family is currently undergoing assessment with child social services

How to refer

EMIS form

Referral methods: EMIS managed referral

A referral form can be found in ISL EMIS under
ISL global documents > Growing Together  > Growing Together Referral Form - Islington - WH

To discuss a potential referral
t: 020 3316 1824
e: growingtogether@nhs.net

For the Word version of the referral form, see Downloads.


Parents can self-refer (via iCope) by calling and stating that they would like to self-refer to Growing Together, or by completing a self-referral form on the iCope website. 

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Download • PDF, 284.69 KB

Growing Together: A Referrer's Guide (PDF)

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Growing Together: A Parent's Guide (English)

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Growing Together: A Parent's Guide (Bengali)

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Growing Together: A Parent's Guide (French)

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Growing Together: A Parent's Guide (Italian)

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Growing Together: A Parent's Guide (Somali)

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Growing Together: A Parent's Guide (Turkish)

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Growing Together Referral Form - Islington - WH

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Healthcare professionals: Referral Criteria for Growing Together

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Healthcare professionals - Growing Together Referral Form 2021

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