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The Fusion Lifestyle Positive Energy programme, is an adult weight-management programme comprising 12 weekly, 60-minute, group sessions and additional support, including a refer-all system that allows a text message service and task setting if people miss sessions. 

An instructor conducts a Zoom call at two points during the week. People can join via a chat community, or if they prefer a personal call this can be provided in between meetings as required. 

The Positive Energy programme uses three key principles to help participants adopt healthier lifestyles, but for groups with mental health issues and/or learning disabilities, additional face-to-face engagement maybe needed. 

  • A warm friendly group environment supports and facilitates behaviour change around eating and activity habits. The emphasis on a supportive environment keeps user groups engaged.  
  • Nutritional and diet advice promotes healthy eating patterns for life in easy-read format. This includes eat-well plates specific to different cultures.
  • An activity management programme helps members gradually increase physical activity levels, supported by the right instructor to work with people with mental health conditions and/or learning disabilities.

Ten weekly physical activity sessions are available for participants on the Fusion Positive Energy programme (each participant can attend two sessions per week). In addition, all participants on the AWM will have access to the Fusion on Demand platform (if unable to attend sessions) to allow flexibility over participation in the programme. Activity sessions include some traditional activities such as gym, aqua and circuits but Fusion Lifestyle will offer as much variety as possible within the physical activity sessions (walking football, no strings badminton, pilates etc).

Eligibility Criteria


Haringey residents who are

  • obese, BMI > 30
  • with a mental health issue and/or a learning disability.


  • BP ≥ 180/100mmHg
  • resting tachycardia (Parenthesise ≥ 100 bpm)
  • uncontrolled atrial/ventricular arrhythmias
  • unstable or acute heart failure
  • febrile Illness
  • unstable Angina
  • unstable/untreated congestive cardiac failure
  • chest pains/shortness of breath at low levels of activity
  • active pericarditis or myocarditis
  • uncontrolled acute systematic illness
  • uncontrolled pathologies

How to Refer

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