Duty Social Worker

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A social worker service for emergencies out of office hours that cannot safely wait until the next working day, available:

  • Mon-Fri 5pm-9am
  • Sat-Sun and bank holidays: 24 hours, for emergencies only

See information for Adult Safeguarding

See information for Child Safeguarding

To request Mental Health Act assessment, contact the Islington Approved Mental Health Professional Duty Team:

t: 020 7561 4433 (daytime) or 020 226 0992 (after 5pm/emergency, out of hours)

Eligibility Criteria


  • Islington resident

How to Refer

Referral number

General Services

Adult Safeguarding

Child Safeguarding

Community Services

Navigating Self-Care

Urgent & Emergency Care for Adults

Urgent & Emergency Care for Children

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