Dietetics, Adult


Camden and Islington Nutrition and Dietetics Service available for malnourished patients with a Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) score of two or more (see Downloads for MUST guide).

For a dietetics service for diabetic patients, please visit the Diabetes IPU link below.

For general weight-management services, please visit the Weight Management link below.

For dietetics for children, please visit the Children's Dietetics link below.

Eligibility criteria


  • Living in Camden and registered with local GP
  • Who have an enteral tube feeding device in-situ (e.g. NGT/NJT/PEG/PEG-J/JEJ)
  • Who are at high risk of malnutrition defined as a MUST score of 2 or more and an eating disorder has been ruled out
  • With diabetes; please access via Diabetes Integrated Practice Unit
  • Under St Pancras Hospital inpatient rehabilitation service, South Camden palliative care service, Integrated Primary Care (IPC) service, and stroke early supported discharge service

How to refer

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Referral methods: Email

Complete GP referral form and send by email.


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Review date: Saturday, 02 December 2023