Dependency Recovery: REST


Self-directed referrals are appropriate for this service. Direct patients to the provider website (see below) for further information.

The Recovery, Experience, Sleeping Tablets and Tranquilisers (REST) Service supports adults experiencing difficulties due to taking benzodiazepines, tranquilisers, sleeping pills or other Z drugs.

Services include:

  • advice and information
  • counselling
  • support group
  • access to the Foundations of Recovery Programme
  • mindfulness
  • complementary therapies
  • support for family and friends.

Eligibility Criteria


  • Camden or Islington residents or those registered with a Camden or Islington GP
  • existing, recovering, past and potential users
  • users of prescribed benzodiazepines/Z drugs
  • people using minor tranquillisers illegally
  • people using minor tranquillisers in combination with other drugs
  • carers, friends and relatives of users.

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Child Safeguarding

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Review date: Friday, 02 February 2024