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Most practices in Haringey provide their own cryotherapy for the treatment of warts, small skin tags etc under the additional service of minor surgery, however those practices who are opted out can use bespoke services at Bounds Green Group Practice (N11) and are advised to do so.

By using these bespoke services, opted out practices can improve the patient experience and deliver care that is closer to home and which provides greater value for money.

Eligibility criteria


  • the GP practice must be opted out from the additional service of minor surgery
  • the treatment is not for cosmetic reasons and has a specific clinical requirement for the therapy (see the Cryotherapy should only be considered if section of the referral document below)
  • the patient has not responded to other first line treatments

How to refer

Editable PDF / Word document Download Form

Referral methods: Email

Please send Cryotherapy requests to